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  • Brazen46, Google is your friend. I think a lot of people are willing to give you all of the instructions, but lack the time, and these things are already written up if you search for them. Start here for rfidler installation and firmware update:http…
  • There shouldn't be anything you need to setup with PuTTY or Minicom (re: parity and flow control). I'm not sure how it works on Windows (I've only been using Linux), but the setup for plotting should be very easy. Read the documentation here: https:…
  • Just because you get output from one of the *RAW autotag types, doesn't mean it's UID, or even that you're getting consistent data. Just means that the raw format is picking up something it thinks may be data. Try running autotag multiple times, wit…
  • Any advice on winding a coil for smaller tags? I see a lot equations online about magnetic field intensity, etc., but it doesn't really help me understand how to make a smaller antenna. Trying to figure out what gauge wire to use, how large the coil…
  • I was wondering that as well. I'm sure a new antenna would be required, but is the controller physically able to handle 13.56 MHz and other frequencies? Thanks!