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Having issues getting started

So, I worked though a few issues to get started, and now I have a plot. But at step 2 where you start trying to find the rate, I don't get the pink bars.


At first I thought my coil was broken, but now I have a feeling something on my digital comparator circuit is broken.

I'm running version 0061-beta.


  • Yes, that looks like the digital circuit is not receiving anything, but I'm very surprised if that is the case as every single board was tested in a way that should have rejected such a failure...

    Please confirm exactly what your plot command was.

  • I used this command.

    ./ /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 'set tag askraw' 'potset h 100' 'potset l 20' 'set rate 16' plot 2000
    sending 'SET TAG ASKRAW'
    sending 'POTSET H 100'
    sending 'POTSET L 20'
    sending 'SET RATE 16'
  • OK, that looks perfectly reasonable (although you don't need the low pot for ASK)... Looks like it is a hardware issue. I will ping you off-forum to sort out replacing it.
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