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Windows driver weirdness

Trying to get the windows driver installed on my Win 8.1 machine. 

Keep getting told "The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalog file"

Anyone else encounter this?


  • edited June 2014
    Yes. It is listed as Issue #6

    I just double checked, the problem reported with the files provided and after forking the files from github the INF was changed, so the signed hash was truely invalid. To fix this i have uploaded a zip with the needed files inside.

    To use this (self signed) driver you must install the provided certificates to your computer. After adding the root and intermediate Certificate Authority Windows should accept my signature (Marc Hefter - codesign) as valid and the signed driver (rfidlercdc.inf) as valid.

    To install the certificates, you have to start command prompt with elevated privileges (as Administrator) and run the following two commands
    certutil.exe -enterprise -addstore Root rootcert-AVTroot.cer
    certutil.exe -enterprise -addstore CA intercert-AVTadmin.cer

  • Installed just fine under XP, you just tell it to continue anyway. ;-)
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