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Mifare 16k bit Card Copying

Hi there,

I would very much like be able to copy my 16k bit Mifare cards onto a keychain tag in an effort of convenience. However, I have not been able to find anything out there that is in my arena of understanding (that is, I do not know how to program whatsoever). I have a 13.56 reader writer, which was very easy to hook up and use as a text input interface with my laptop, but now I need a way to WRITE that data onto another tag. Is there any software/hardware out there that would make my life easier and is reasonably priced? Thanks. 


  • Google is your friend.

    I've used mfoc to dump the card data and
    nfc/mifare tools to rewrite a number of 1k and 4k cards using techniques not dissimilar
    However, i think it should be pointed out that this is a
    forum for RFIDler, which is an LF device and doesn’t support the mifare cards,
    so maybe you should be asking your question somewhere else
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