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RFIDler hanging when in reader mode

I just started using my RFIDler today and I'm having trouble with it hanging while it is in reader mode.  I can get a few reads out of it and then when I hit CTRL-C to exit (I'm assuming that's what I need to do since it usually works) it will sometimes hang.  When it hangs I've seen it sometimes become responsive again after 30 seconds or so.  Other times it has hung long enough where I powered it off.

Is there another way to signal the board to go back to the prompt?  Is this known behavior?

I'm using the board with the pre-populated PIC32 with firmware version 0114-beta.  Thanks!


  • The correct way to signal exit from READER mode is to hit any key. I just committed a new version which fixes a potential hang if the tag type selected is using FSK modulation so it might be worth flashing your board to the latest version.
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