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Reading/Writing Basics

I am very new to the rfidler, and I havent yet managed to find a guide to reading/writing FSK1RAW tags that was simple enough for me, so I was hoping to create one here. Steps so far (for my linux box):

  1. install minicom: sudo apt-get install minicom
  2. open rfidler interface: minicom -D /dev/ttyACM1 -b 115200     (in my case I had to change this to ACM0)
  3.  place tag on coil
  4. run: autotag (to detect tag type). See output in ASKRAW (most tags have this) and FSK1. This means my tag is FSK1
  5. copy tag????
  6. overwrite old tag with new data???
Can someone explain how to do steps 6 & 7 to me?


  • yzpaul,

    I'm having a bit of difficulty in writing/cloning the tags at the moment myself.  However, the reading should be straight forward.  I've also had success with emulating the cards directly from the RFIDler.

    Here's what should be the rest of your steps:

    5. set tag FSK1RAW
    6. copy FSK1RAW
    You should now be able to do "vtag" and see the tag you just copied.
    7. clone

    This should copy from one tag to another.  However, like I mentioned, I'm having a bit of difficulty with that myself, but it could be related to the type of card (UNIQUE) that I'm using.  I'm still tinkering.

    However, EMU and EMULATOR functions are working well for me, so you should be able to use those to make the RFIDler be the tag you just copied to the VTAG.

    "EMULATOR" will continuously emulate the tag stored in the VTAG.
    "EMU 030041A105" (As an example) will emulate the UID 030041A105 once, then stop.  Set the UID as desired.
  • It's important to remember that there are only a few tag types that are capable of acting as clones. Currently, those supported by RFIDler are:
    If you want to clone a tag, you need to tell RFIDler which of these you are using, so for example to clone an EM4X02 to a Q5 you would do:

      SET TAG EM4X02
      (place original TAG on coil)
      COPY Q5

    Now you have created a Q5 VTAG which is emulating an EM4X02. To write it to a Q5 tag:

      (place blank Q5 on coil)

    If you want to see what was written to the Q5, you can view the VTAG with the command VTAG.
  • Ah!  Makes more sense now about the cloning.  Thanks, Adam!

    I'm sorry if I'm asking something already covered, but do you have a list of those features/limitations in a whitepaper or such?

    That explains the other cloning issues I've been having, listed on another forum post.

    I'll link the two.
  • What we really need is that full documentation is created here:

    unfortunately I just don't have the time at the moment, but any volunteers are welcome! :)
  • Any hope for supporting more tag clones in the future?

  • edited June 2016
    Im running autorun but not getting any results at all, is it as simple as putting card on coild and hitting autorun to see what type of card i have ? and if so then why am i not getting any results,? first time ive used it i may be missing a setting


    I had faulty tags to begin with Discard
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