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ASKRAW select fails

Hi, I just got an rfidler, I can connect to it, and run commands, and plot graphs, but I can't seem to "SELECT" any data

I set the mode to ASKRAW with the 'set tag ASKRAW' command, then issue the 'select' command, but it just prints "Select failed!"

why is this? I thought it should print some hex, even if it can't decode the data. there is an Indala card on the antenna (I know the card works because I can read it with a proxmark3).

the version command returns "0114-beta"

any help would really be appreciated, since until I can get ASKRAW working, I can't use it to decode anything/.



  • Try using the "READER" or "UID" commands. "SELECT" is a very specific command that is only supported by certain tags and is sometimes required before you can send other commands such as "WRITE".
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