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I have been given a card which is a multi frequency/multi format card. I've been told the LF format is CasiRusco.
autotag is telling me it's a Hitag2 device and gives me a fairly consistent UID (save for the last couple of digits which vary).
I've read the UID using an LF ACG reader and this differs from the autotag Hitag2 output.
Does anyone have any info on how I can more effectively read this card and if there is currently a way to emulate it, all other formats i've tried seem to work fine but the lack of available info on CasiRusco is starting to frustrate me.


  • It probably isn't a Hitag2 if the last two digits vary, it's just that the output from the tag can be interpreted as Hitag2 and due to timing issues you're getting variable results.

    This site would seem to imply that it's just a HID format:

  • Thanks Adam, I had looked at the very same page (and many like it) and assumed the same, unfortuantely nothing I have will recognise it as a HID card.
  • After some more investigation it looks like what is being identified as Hitag2 is most likely 37bit HID Prox, any tips on reading/emulating this format would be greatly appreciated.
  • It's possible you could clone/emulate it as FSK2RAW as the underlying data is modulated the same as HID26. Bottom line is I (or someone else!) needs to implement HID37...
  • HID37 would be awesome!!!

    My code skills are poor to say the least.  But, I'll support in anyway I can.  Pass the hat, if needed.


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