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card emulation

Hi- I'm most interested in being able to easily read one or more existing cards, store the data in NV memory, and to emulate those card on demand while running off battery power. I'm having some issues with even the basic functionality, but I believe it's mostly all related to the crashing bug already found by others.

How much of this is already possible, and how much will I have to implement for myself?

From my watching of the video blogs, it looks like the provided commands can read the card and emulate it, but only with something attached to the serial port. I also see a "user" button on the board.

When I save the current config to NV, does it also save the current vtag data as well?

Is there any way to emulate a previously-read card without having a laptop hanging off the device?


  • Yes, if you read this thread you'll see how to clone a raw tag format:

    when you SAVE it also saves the VTAG.

    You can also store a command that will executed at power up using AUTORUN.

    so, for example, if you do:

      SET TAG HID26
      ENCODE 12345678 HID26

    you should see the emulator light come on directly after reboot and it will be emulating a HID26 tag with the UID 12345678. Powering up with a battery pack will do the same thing until you run:


    Hope that helps.

  • Okay great! I put my device in a CD case like I saw on the forum which greatly improved my read consistency. I also updated my firmware which was still the old one. I followed the instructions and am ready to try my card !

    Unfortunately the doors are locked after 830 so ill have to go in early :)




  • Hey, just wanted to say I tried out the hid26 emulation today on a door at the office and it worked like a charm!

    The "read" range is very short, like a quarter inch, but when emulating my office badge it worked from several inches away (way better than the real card)

    this makes it all worthwhile, thanks again guys!


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