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python on windows for plot - serial communication issue


I spend some time today to expand my python 2.6 on windows (cmd mode) and installed all the different modules (matplotlib, serial, numpy, pyparser, six, etc) that were required for the plot to work, I ended up with following serial communication issue:

command: c:\Python26> python.exe 'set tag askraw' 'potset l 20' 'set rate 16' plot 2000

Warning - could not open serial port: Can't open serial port
sending 'TAG'
Failed: Serial communications failure (send)!
sending 'ASKRAW'
Failed: Serial communications failure (send)!

I know that it would be easier to run everything on linux, but hey, maybe somebody can help me on windows?
How can python utilize the USB Serial Port (COM5)?


  • actually the port can be seen (I changed it earlier to COM1 to try if there is a default) and verified it with following
    command: python.exe
    response: COM1: USB Serial Port (COM1) [USB VID:PID=1D50:6098 SNR=49A0000ABCDE1]
    command: python.exe
    response: COM1
    1 ports found

  • never mind. got it partly working with virtual ports (com0com & hub4com), although speed is an issue now.
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