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Installing on Windows 8


Has anyone managed to do this?  I have had two different errors using the installer, the current error code is 0.  When I try and install the driver using the info I have a problem with hash missing.  I have tried downloading the signed versions but that seems to crash the installer. Has anyone got this working?  Also it would be great if you added a letter when you send out the hardware with links to how to get started.




  • I did not use the rfidlerinstaller (64bit) as it always popped up some errors with the hash.
    I did the installation through the device manager (as explained in the readme file as alternative).
    signed files were downloaded from here: driver/AVT_signed
    I had to install first the two certificates (copied them into the windows/system32/ folder executed the commands there). Btw, I just followed the syntax instructions within).
    Win 8 only accepts signed drivers.
    It worked for me after approx 20 minutes of search and reading. Thanks for sharing the certificates :)
  • I was missing the step of adding it to the system32 folder.  Thank you very much.
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