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edited January 2015 in RFIDler Hardware
Does anyone know of any where I can get an enclosure suitable for an RFIDler?

Are the mounting holes on the board any sort of standard size/location that I'd be able to buy a box off the shelf and cut holes in it for the cable and antenna?

I know nothing about such things so any advice would be great.



  • There is a case on thingiverse which you can print (or order for printing).  This helped me a lot with getting better reads off the fidler.  
    Here is the model for the V22-beta enclosure:

    Here is what it my print looks like:image
  • Here's my enclosure, made from a CD jewel case.
    Cut a rectangular hole for the circuit board, a slot for the coil, and enlarge hole for USB connector.
    The pins for the coil connector need to be carefully bent at right angles.

  • Love the CD case! That's a reall hacker's solution! Kudos!!! :)
  • edited June 2015
    And that's my solution...we don't need to bent the Coil connector...and I think is fit and disguise better this way !  ;) 
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