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Help! I don't understand why it's failing these tests

I just got my RFIDler yesterday and I am having some trouble figuring out how to fix this problem.
I'm also really new at this.

Starting test 1
  Test PING -  True ['RFIDler']
  Test DEBUGOFF 0 -  True
  Test DEBUGON 4 -  True
  Test DEBUGON 2 -  True
  Test SET TAG HITAG2 -  True
  Test UID -  False read error!
  Test DEBUGOFF 2 -  True
  Test DEBUGON 3 -  True
  Test SET TAG INDALA64 -  True
  Test UID -  False read error!
  Test DEBUGOFF 3 -  True
  Test TEST-WIEGAND -  False Failed!
  Test TEST-SC -  False Failed!
  Test TEST-SD -  False Failed!
  Test SET TAG HID26 -  True
  Test ENCODE 12345678 HID26 -  True
  Test EMULATOR BG -  True
  Test WIEGAND-OUT OFF -  True

--- It just sits here and never fails


  • I don't know what you are expecting. The failing tests are mostly for optional/future features that you have not added.

    'Test UID' is trying to read the unique identity from a tag of the type specified in the preceeeding 'SET TAG'. So it is mostly going to fail, and only the one matching your test tag type should work.

    'TEST-SC' is testing for a sISO-7816 martcard element being fitted. (The smartcard / SIM socket is an optional part not fiited on the RFIDler Betas.)

    'TEST-SD' is a test for a FAT formatted microSD card being present. (The microSD socket is another optional component.)

    'TEST-WIEGAND' is checking if an external Wiegand card reader appears to be connected.

    'TEST-WIEGAND-READ' is waiting for your (missing) Wiegand card reader to read a card.

    I don't know much about Wiegand cards & readers, but Wikipedia has a short intro
  • This is a special test suite for bulk-testing during the manufacturing process and you'd need to create some specific conditions in order for it to work (we have a special test-rig with dedicated cards and switchable coils on it). For a simple end-user test, just put a known tag type on the coil and use 'autotag'
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