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T5557 status?

Has the support for T5557 been added? Any ideas on when they will? What's the latest firmware version?


  • I started work on T5557 just before I left for DEFCON - will get back to it when I get home next week. Should be no more than a couple of weeks, unless I get distracted!

  • Any progress on this?
  • maybe he get distracted!

  • Yes, apologies, I did... Work got in the way!

    I hope to get some time to look at it this week...
  • OK, so I've committed my work in progress code, which is working fine for most things...

    However, be aware that unlike a Q5, the T5567 tags I'm testing with do not seem to be able to be reset to a default state if they are using any modulation scheme other than ASK/OOK. This means that your PSK or FSK emulation is effectively a one-time write (e.g. Indala or HID). I've ordered some more blanks of a slightly different type, so I'll report back if they behave any different.

  • I'm pleased to announce that T55x7 support is now complete and committed to the repo. Also, it looks like the cards I was testing with previously had been incorrectly written with the OTP (one-time-program) flag set, so that's why they were not resettable (there was a bug in the config mask handling such that a large data bit value could overflow into this field). The new RFIDler code does not set this bit and all modulation schemes are therefore resettable. Enjoy!
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