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indala emulation

Hi All -

I'm a total newb, sorry.

I've been playing around with my rfidler with my em4x02 keyfobs, and have things working pretty okay.  I can copy tags and replay them with the emulator. 'copy' seemed to work better on earlier firmwares, but I can make it work with some sorcery now.

I'm curious about indala emulation now.  I have an indala badge and can copy the tag (I guess), though the uid format is a rather odd repeating hex display (I guess some of the 'odd' is the fact that random site bits are sprinkled throughout the indala badge id, and the badge number itself it encrypted [whatever good that does]).

The emulator.c code doesn't do for indala formats what it does for the other tag types presently (it sends a one-shot of the tag). Sadly it never seems to work on my card reader, as my cloned card refuses to open my door (or even register with the reader).  Anybody have some inside knowledge on indala cards that can share some of it?

FWIW here's what happens with my rfidler, version 056-beta:

> set tag indala224

*INDALA224> copy

*INDALA224> vtag

          Type: INDALA224

     Emulating: NONE

       Raw UID: 00000001234567890000000123456789000000012345678900000001

           UID: 00000001234567890000000123456789000000012345678900000001

I've changed the UID and Raw UID for purposes of this post, but the pattern is identical on mine (five 0s, followed by a chunky 9 digit hex number, which repeats).

Curiously the string is 448 bits long, instead of 224 bits.  If the rfidler is playing this exact sequence to a reader, I wonder if the reader rejects it because there is not enough time spacing between the data retransmission?  If so, perhaps I grok enough to fix the way it is constructing the uid (though I doubt I'm right =)).



  • Looks like it's Indala64, not Indala224.

    I'm curious about the em4x02 issues - what problems are you having?

  • You are so right (as always). 

     When I used autotag, it only got meaningful data from the badge on indala224.  Oops, I'm a dunce, should have thought about how many bits of meaningful data I was seeing.

    As for the EM4x02 issue, the 'copy' command always fails on the em4x02 tags. It used to work every time for the tags that I have (some junky things that I bought from seeedstudios a few years ago), I think on firmware version 6. In the most recent update it never copies right anymore, though.

    Strangely when I put the rfidler into 'reader' mode it reads my em tags perfectly.  Just not for the one-shot 'copy' command.  Ohwell.

    I'm loving my rfidler in any case, so thanks for it.  And have a good time at defcon!

    Thanks again,
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