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2 Windows tools for RFIDler

I have committed a couple of Windows to the public RFIDler github.

Firstly RFIDler Installer - a GUI tool to help install the RFIDler device driver.
There are 2 binaries, for x86 & x64 versions of Windows.

RFIDler Monitor - lists all connected RFIDlers, their COM ports or if they are in Bootloader mode.
Some options help monitoring other Microchip development boards presenting as serial ports, other serial port, and similar devices remembered by Windows but not currently connected.

They both work pretty reliably on Windows 7 for me, and should work in Windows XP & later. (No Itanium or Windows RT version planned.)

I hope these are useful.  Feedback welcome. :-)





  • Also, here is how the RFIDler Monitor looks with 2 devices connected. (Also one other serial device, with options to show all serial devices enabled.)
  • edited August 2015
    Whats's the serial number column for?
    Can i find this number on the Board too, or is it SW based?

  • Good questions.

    Windows assigns a name like COM6 to a particular USB serial number, and whenever it the same type of device connected with the same serial number it calls it COM6.

    Early RFIDler firmware did not have a USB serial number, so Windows would generate a serial number (indicated by the '&' signs in the screenshot) based on information about which USB hub & port the RFIDler was connected to. The result was that moving the USB connection, (e.g. between a laptop & its docking station) would change the serial number, and result in a new name like COM7.

    Since Nov 23, 2014 the RFIDler firmware has a USB serial number, so the RFIDler remains on COM6 regardless of which USB hub/port it is connected to. (There is a registry setting this disables this behaviour.) I found that the particular PIC processor used on the RFIDler has Ethernet support, and that Microchip program a unique Ethernet MAC address into each chip at the factory. So for the USB serial number I simply use the Ethernet MAC address and jumble the digits around a bit.

    Possibly I am the only person who cares about the serial number; my interest in showing was to help debug my RFIDler changes to send a USB serial number to the PC, and to check there is a different value for each RFIDler I connected.
  • great answer.

    can you tell me what registry setting this is?

    Thank you
  • The key for the RFIDler is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\usbflags\1D5060980020

    then the value of IgnoreHWSerNum control whether Windows takes notice of the hardware serial number .. see here for details:
  • ah its a general, no specific setting.

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