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49ers source tells Adam Schefter Carlos Hyde is not on the trade block

A report
popped up on Saturday that the San Francisco 49ers have been receiving and
making calls about running back Carlos Hyde, and a team source is now denying it
to Adam Schefter. In his article about the almost NaVorro Bowman-to-the-Saints
trade, Schefter had this line at the very end.There has been speculation that
the 49ers could trade running back Carlos Hyde, but the team hasn't had any
trade talks involving him and does not plan to have any,
according to a team source.I find myself wondering if the Bowman-Saints info and
the Hyde info came from the same source, and that source preferred to be listed
as two separate sources. The Bowman info says “league source” and the Hyde info
says “team source.”League source is a catch-all phrase people use when they don
want to put their name to something. It could be Drew Rosenhaus putting the
trade info out there. In doing so he could drum up further interest in Bowman,
although I don really think that would be necessary for a player like Bowman.It
could be the 49ers leaking all this out, but I not sure what to make of the
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