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Error writing to serial device

Has anyone experienced these errors when coping cards ?

1 autotag
2 set tag ASKRAW (after seeing i am getting askraw data appear)
3 copy ASKRAW
4 error writing to serial device, 

Are there any exceptions in putty that i need to resolve ? ive just plugged it in and went from there, i didnt get into the finer set up features as ive never used putty before


  • edited June 2016
    2 set tag ASKRAW (after seeing i am getting askraw and fsk1raw data output)
    3 copy FSK1RAW
    4 Failed !

    Then Minicom popup apperars "error writing to serial device" PuTTY Fatal Error

    Dont know what im doing wrong, looking for answers in forum but dont seem to be having any luck.

    Ij ust found this in the forum: 

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