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How do i update the device firmware

edited June 2016 in RFIDler General
i see the device in device manages and with  RFid monitor it says it has a microsoft driver and the update driver sections are grayed out ?
What program do i use to update it ?? 

Windows 10 had no luck, tired Windows 7 and all is good for now, thanks


  • edited June 2016
    Reboot in bootloader mode by holding the bootloader button while you power up, then use mphidflash:

  • Its Windows 10 Adam, i dont seem to be having any luck with half my controllers showing up, I went back to a different PC with Win 7 and all is good. 
    RFidler monitor is showing  the device so MPXlabs now to,(its a WIN 10 Issue).

    thanks for your help i think i may have it now.
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