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New to micro controllers need help

edited June 2016 in RFIDler General
So ive just only got into Raspberry Pi's and have a Teensy and a few Texas Instruments chips but the RFidler is way outa my league and was wondering if anyone would graciously give me so time in getting everything going. I have Mpxlabs installed and am trying to get it all running but not sure im doing it right.
If someone could perhaps write a list of needed software of help me get it running for the first time i would really appreciate it.

After i open Mpxlabs i get lost and dont know where to go from there.
im on Windows 10, my device is visible but not sure if its configured right, it has both LEDs flashing a the same time and sometimes they alternate flashing so...
i have TeamViewer installed if someone would like to access it remotley and see what im doing wrong.
Like i said im only new to micro controllers but im willing to learn and have a great passion but no one to teach me here where i live so im kinda stuck with it.
The wiki page is great but it doesnt give me clear instructions, ive tried it on a linux system but seems easier for me on windows
Are there any posts that can help me ? ive looked but they are not detailed enough.
Aleks from Oz


  • So i worked out windows 10 doesnt like the RFidler softwer, got it running with Win 7
  • edited June 2016
    FiXED IT, Tried a WIN 7 machine and now good. many thanks cya

    If anyone else is not having any luck with the chip not showing up try a different machine with a diff operating system and you may have luck, i did.
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