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RFIDLer does not read certain Tags ( small tags)

Hello everyone! 

I'm currently working on getting to know the RFIDler better.

Now i'm trying to read some of the Tags I've got here.

So Far with my current setup i can read the UID and Data Blocks from the following tags:
  • WorldTag Q5, Hitag2 , HiTag 1 , Unique
  • a small 125 Unique Transponder ( like used for chipping cats or so on) 
  • ProxCard 125 kHz Em4102
  • ISO Card HItag 1
  • A generic Keychain Transponder. 
Sofar so good, but now i can't reed the following tags with the same setup , althoug the tags should be fine:

  • Transparent HiTag S Tags ( i cant get any data, not even ASK Raw from those 
    • when plotting, it just seems like random noise
  • AS KeyChain HiTag 2 - when plottting i sometimes see sort of an ASK Mod, but it does not provide any UID or RAW Data .

I read thorugh the forums and found , it could be something with to bad or to good coupling, or related to the coil.  

My Setup looks like the following: 

Maybe some tuning is required for the coil to function properly? 

Any hint or help is appreciated.

Many Thanks,




  • The standard coil is not good at reading small tags, it's true. You may be able to fix it by playing with the POT settings. Try AUTOPOT to see if there is a better value you should be using.

    Otherwise the only other thing you can do it wind a smaller coil, which will definitely help.

  • Any advice on winding a coil for smaller tags? I see a lot equations online about magnetic field intensity, etc., but it doesn't really help me understand how to make a smaller antenna. Trying to figure out what gauge wire to use, how large the coil should be, and how many turns. The target tag is about an inch wide, one of the keychain RFID tags.

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