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em4x50 support

Hi Adam,

I would like the RFIDler to be able to read and write and emulate EM4x50 transponder. Is there a chance that you could support me in the process?
I am currently struggling with the exact timing of the LIW, ACK, NACK signals.
Once I have understood the process and as soon as I get this finished I would like to add Hitag-S.



  • Yes, sure - once I've finished with HDX I'll take a look. I already got this working with the proxmark3 some years ago, so I could look up my notes on timing...

    From memory HitagS should be very similar to Hitag1... or possibly even the same...?
  • Thanks a lot.

    Concerning HitagS the authentication is very interesting. It uses the same cipher as Hitag2 but then switches back to no encryption for the data.

    See our talk at 32c3:
    The video has been translated to english.

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